EBooks - A quick and effective way to provide tips, tools, and techniques exactly where your audience needs help. What topics does your audience most often ask about? Where are their pain points in any given work day? How can you provide the solution to ease their pain?

HR Compliance Training - Effective compliance programs prevent, detect and deter noncompliant conduct by making compliance part of the culture of an organization. Yet, most employees consider HR Compliance trainings to be nothing but dry, dull, boring, repetitive, drivel. Gamification takes the dry and dull and turns it into fun, engaging, and effective learning programs.

the gamification of learning - end procrastination

Adult Education - Gamification applied effectively in adult education provides students with rapid feedback, the freedom to fail, status updates on their course progress and engagement via an immersive narrative.

Created by:  Sententia Certified Gamification Journeyman for Brown University. This course is a fully online, full semester literature course and was designed in collaboration by Brown University Professor of English Jim Egan, Instructional Designer Naomi Pariseault, and artist Matt Rockman. The creators have now transformed the undergraduate version of their gamified course into a free online MOOC on the EdX platform.


Are you looking to turn processes and learning information into an experience that is engaging and drives real results? Have you thought of gamification as a tool to do this in your business?

We have seen the results that gamification can bring globally, in the USA, Asia, South Africa, The Middle East, and Europe. Gamification involves fun, but is focused on serious business objectives. It is not implicitly high tech or high budget. It is delivering business results that we can call revolutionary. These results more than respond to a fast changing and competitive context. And their success lies in simple, targeted and measured applications.

If you are asking ‘How can we implement gamification and what for?’ – we can assist. We have applied gamification for Corporate Learning, Adult Education, Contact Center productivity, Employee Engagement, HR Compliance and Onboarding.

Our work with clients across industries around the world now also allows us to bring you a range of courses and certifications that cover gamification strategies at every stage. They provide you with practical and experiential learning to apply gamification in your business.

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