Why Earn a Gamification Certificate?

Is there value in earning a Sententia Gamification Certificate? Is it worth the effort? We asked some CEOs, CLOs, and HR Directors to share their impressions of the value of a gamification certificate. Maybe what they had to say will give you the answers you need.

Take Your Career to a New Level

Certification tells employers that you are motivated, accomplished and current in your knowledge of talent development skills. It indicates that you are actively working to maintain high standards in the field. When you apply to participate in the Sententia Gamification Certification Program for Talent Development Professionals, you are on your way to demonstrating that you are among the best in your field. You’ll join a select group of individuals who have made the commitment to excellence in employee engagement, process improvement, instructional design, and L&D delivery.

The Experts Concur: More Opportunities, More Pay on the Horizon
The experts agree that opportunities in HR and L&D to apply gamification are only growing, and more opportunities translate into higher pay. Trends project a continued employee engagement crisis, the arrival of Generation Z, the swell of Millennials, the departure of Boomers, and a greater emphasis placed on data projections and analytics. A certification places you in the position to demonstrate savviness in people management, creativity, and analytical skills that leaders are seeking… if not demanding.

Heightened Professional Recognition
A Sententia gamification certificate attests to experience, knowledge, ability, accomplishment, leadership and contributions to the talent development field. And, advanced designations raise the level of respect among colleagues in the talent development community. Proudly display your certifications on your social media sites, website, and business cards.

Expanded Knowledge
The content of the Sententia certification curriculum was developed by world-class experts who teach, speak, and consult on the application of gamification with organizations around the world. The content of the certification curriculum has been vetted by these experts and has also been tested with a variety of practitioners and leaders in the talent development sphere. This is the best you will find out there!

Feedback and Flexibility
The Sententia certification process is designed to be flexible in many ways. You can go through the certification levels at your own pace, interact with the staff, and network with your peers who are also pursuing the certification. You can pace the training to reflect the reality of your job and of your personal constraints.

Hybrid Content

One of the key differentiators and unique selling proposition of the Sententia certification is the combination of courses, both online and live, with hands-on quests or project work. People learn differently and have different work/life experiences. Project work offers an opportunity to validate some of your accomplishments as a talent development professional. You will have the opportunity to showcase your creativity and analytical skills for a number of gamification projects as well as the gamification strategy you will design and deploy in an organization. This hybrid content format is unique and valuable.

In Conclusion

Continuous learning is essential. Pursuing and earning formal certifications is one way to do it. You could say to your next employer or client “I attended a workshop on gamification.” Or you could say, “I am a Sententia certified Gamification Master Tradesman.” The second one creates differentiation and shows that you are serious about acquiring necessary, formal, professional skills.

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